John Stormm

I was born in 1953 in a family of hereditary witches that count their ancestry all too many centuries ago in ancient Tara. I was raised and trained in the craft, as the only male witch in my family by my grandmother. I now have grandchildren of my own. I began serious martial arts training in 1963. My sensei became my father figure and I strove for perfection, holding a Second Degree Black Belt in Mas Oyamas Karate, and a master’s ranking in Chinese Kenpo. By the early 1970’s, between training for tournaments and running my own small chain of studios, I took Radio & TV Broadcasting at El Paso Community College in Colorado Springs, CO. This gave me my first good taste of journalism. Thirty plus years later, and dying to write some of these experiences in a book, I wrote an entire series in the Witch Clan theme. These are character driven stories with true to life characters, and experiences melded into an entertaining fantasy. My first full length novel in this series is “Matriarch of the Witch Clan.” Readers are encouraged to visit our website at http:/// to correspond with the author or get information on the next release. I and my family sponsor and are also registered as "Witches of the World" at The Witches Voice ( can be found in their archives.

Titles Available from John Stormm

The child’s DNA is mostly human. It’s the Sidhe part that raises questions that are not easily answered. Emma must retrieve and raise her unwanted hybrid grandson to put things to right between her ancient witch clan and the even more ancient race of Sidhe. The story begins with her mother’s vision for her clan in modern America in the 1950s and a pact gone horribly wrong. The resulting backlash begins claiming the lives of family members and with the last adept matriarch gone, Emma must find a way to preserve her family and raise the dark child as a proper witch. It is a fearful thing to offend the Sidhe, but it is very human thing that Emma finds in her relationship with her grandson.
In the second novel in the Witch Clan series, the world of Abred in the mid 1960’s is a violent and chaotic place. The American President has recently been assassinated and the world powers are poised on the verge of mutual, nuclear destruction. In a parallel world, run by wizards, an artifact called the Rift Wand has been stolen from the mysterious Sidhe and they are using it to steal even greater weapons in neighboring planes. Should Mordred’s wizards get their hands on any of those nuclear warheads from our plane, no world civilization in any universe will be safe. He also will not allow the world that created these wonders to continue to provide more whereby anyone else might acquire some to balance the power. The Earth as we know it, is counting down to its own destruction. Emma, her hybrid grandson and the rest of her tiny Witch Clan may be the only hope of thwarting the evil Grand Wizard’s Operation Cosmic Storm.
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