John Speeking

John Speeking is currently working in the field of Information Technology. He has previously pursued a variety of endeavours, the most significant of which was a stint as a geosciences professional, which allowed him the chance to work far afield, namely in the Great Canadian North, the United States, Mexico, and West Africa. His favourite writers include Dickens, Wilkie Collins, Zola, Dostoyevsky, Poe, and Hemingway. He enjoys writing, drawing, sculpting, and collecting classic DVDs. The artists he admires the most are Charles Dickens and Akira Kurosawa, because of their deep humanity and the breadth of their genius.

Titles Available from John Speeking

When a certain aging sculptor is called back to Rome by a certain pontiff, to repair spots of mold on his ceiling fresco, he is unwittingly caught up in a world-changing, apocalyptic scheme by the highest rank of the Holy See to enthrone the Beast as the eternal Pope. Only one man can stop it, a fanatical monk - a religious ecstatic who possesses the power of levitation. He convinces our aging sculptor to help him in his holy crusade against the nefarious powers of the Evil One.
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