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John Klawitter has worked as a writer, producer and director. Based in Hollywood, he’s worked for major studios, indy companies and run his own production company. He’s written and produced for CBS, NBC, Disney, The Disney Channel, Paramount, Universal, Atlantis Productions, and many others. He’s also worked on animation projects for Disney, Warner Bros. Animation, Hanna-Barbera, Phil Mendez Productions, Zoiyu Productions (Japan), Pink Planet Productions (Holland) and Franke Films (Finland). He has directed short films featuring a wide range of stars and personalities, including Bill Cosby, Ali MacGraw, Jane Alexander, Jacqueline Bisset, Ray Bradbury, George Plimpton, Leslie Nielsen, and many others.

His film writing includes the political documentary Scene: Politic (EMMY AWARD); the Television Specials The Great American Dreammobile, Le Mans, The Adventures of Sports Goofy, and Here comes Sam (The Olympic Eagle). He has also adapted several novels to screenplay format, most notably HOBBERDY DICK by K.M. Briggs, STYX by Christopher Hyde, MONSTER TALES by Phil Mendez, and his own novel CRAZYHEAD.

One of his short stories, "Jack’s Boat", won a prize at the Key West Hemingway Days festival. A collection of his short stories, TOUCHED, won a special mention from the prestigious Flannery O’Connor Short Fiction Awards. Klawitter’s first novel, an action/thriller titled CRAZYHEAD, came out in 1990 as an Ivy imprint published by Ballantine Books. He co-wrote HEADSLAP, the biography of the life and times of Deacon Jones (the NFL Hall of Famer and self-proclaimed King of Sacks), published in 1996 by Prometheus Books. Other published works include THE BOOK OF DEACON (Seven Locks Press, 2001) and TANS (a collection of recollections by the Old Spooks & Spies).

John Klawitter’s books are available at, Barnes &, and fine bookstores everywhere. For information on John Klawitter’s latest film project, see:

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Titles Available from John Klawitter


Matt “Hollywood” Havoc, movie maker Vinnie Berger’s clever and energetic assistant, has already thwarted a terrorist plot to detonate a nuclear device in Los Angeles.

As book II of this thrilling four part series begins, Matt survives an act of vengeance as the terrorist tries to kill him.

Matt leaves Tinseltown for a location shoot in Oregon, to work on a picture with his ex-wife, a sexy superstar who has designs on more than his skills as a filmmaker. But after a crane topples over on the set and nearly crushes him, Matt realizes his enemies will stop at nothing to kill him.

He returns to Los Angeles to work with his boss Vinnie on the half-crazed thriller Carnage Daze. But the terrorists are lying in wait, and Matt will need all his ingenuity and fast moves if he is to stay ahead of the deadly game being played against him.

EBook Format

True stories from John Klawitter, Hollywood writer-producer-director. Whether you’re pitching some famous old witch doctor who owns a big animation production company, or sending a query letter to a 25-year-old cannibal prince who lucked into being the head of acquisitions at a giant publishing conglomerate, the stories of discovery and survival in TINSEL WILDERNESS can be a source of inspiration and encouragement. From the book-lined offices of Random House and Doubleday to the West Coast movie studios with their wide views of palm trees and the blue Pacific, the wilderness is a strange place for those not expecting the weird, the unpredictable and the rough-and-tumble. To you, storytelling is as important as life itself. But to the natives it’s often little more than trinkets and beads they can exchange for furs and scraps of meat. The trick is, you don’t want to be the meat. As the natives often say with a wise nod of the head, It’s too late to moo when you’re hamburger. You’re a talented person, a creative writer, an artist in your own right. So as you take the first steps off the beaten path and into the tall grass toward the distant blue mountains, remember to stay alert, keep your weapons handy, and always expect the’re in the TINSEL WILDERNESS.


Ebook and soon to be released paperback!

Sally and Anne Mae Harris, the deeply loved wife and daughter of successful L.A. cartoonist Mica Harris, wake after a devastating auto collision to find themselves in a strange and dangerous limbo. On a trip to Copenhagen a year after the accident, Mica believes he is hallucinating when he sees the two of them, seemingly still alive. What’s more, for the briefest of moments before they are whisked away, he is convinced they recognize him, too…

Rolling waves of violence and dangerous adventures, quirky desperados, long-lost romance and heated passions collide on the back roads of the Southwest as the charismatic and mysterious Man With The Scar tries to bring order to his chaotic world.     

As if that wasn’t enough, both a new love and a gorgeous and sexy ex-wife come back into Matt’s life at the same time. Something has to give—or does it? After all, this is Tinseltown, where survival is an art form and you’re only good as your last picture.
The 18th century London street penny novel that takes place in Los Angeles in 1984. Bloody murder most foul. Cruel deeds by men who kill without remorse. A decades old scam at the top levels of professional football. And a badly dented hero who refuses to give up his desire for justice, his nearly hopeless love for his wench, or his sense of humor.
Twenty Seven thematically linked short stories about faith, hope and maybe even a little charity. Animals talk and aliens drop down out of the sky. Jesus returns for further adventures and his Father is just as frustrated as ever by his creatures. Science collides with faith to create old mischief and new awareness. The guiding principles are common sense, nonsense, and a quirky sense of humor…

Grab your rosary, Spin your prayer wheel, And see if you can still levitate

Put your left foot in, and put your left foot out Give yourself a shake, shake, shake and turn yourself about… Oops, heaven…no, hell… Wait, maybe you should sit a spell...

Hug your teddy, grab your jewels, this here’s no place for weak-kneed fools…

That’s right, its The Rogue Pirate’s Bible Heretical
This science fiction story follows the coming-of-age adventures of Kate Twillinger, a teenage-looking girl who doesn’t seem to age much over the decades. Kate has been ‘evolved’ through a military experimental project into something ‘supra-human’, an alternate and in some ways advanced species of being that has ‘powers’ beyond those even displayed by ordinary paranormals. In this first story she comes to realize that, even with her powers, she must fight to stay alive for the military, believing she is dangerous, will do anything to destroy her.
In this book, Twisted Tails III, we are dredging up fear and wallowing in it as if it were something to be played with, cuddled and fingers lovingly run through its fur like a cherished pet. What we’re doing here is tinkering with terror of the primal kind. You know what I mean, the sort of fright that lies coiled and ready to spring from the dark corners of the mind with no warning. It awaits all, lurking in the deeper shadows of consciousness. No one is immune and, frequently, there is no cure, you just sink into its roiling depths and are no more. If you do manage to escape, life will no longer be what it was before and you will find yourself glancing nervously over your shoulder whenever you hear something strange in the darkness or see a shadow move in the night…or day. Enjoy….
TWISTED TAILS IV: Fantastic Flights of Fantasy is overflowing with some of the strangest fantasies you’re likely to find on-or off this planet. So, watch yourself...there be dragons here. And vampires. And sorcerers bearing all sorts of mischief. Beasts, goblins and ghouls aplenty. And things that poke with sharpened sticks at the unprepared mind. They crouch in the recesses, ready to spring at the slightest provocation or opportunity. The sort of things that hide in deep shadows and lurk in the darkness of night...or cavort in the full light of day, trundle, creep, crawl and dance their way across the stage of your imagination. Some of the works presented here are fearsome, level five heart-stoppers and others are downright funny. All are twisted. Twisted in the manner that only our convoluted cogitators...our warped, wonderful word-workers can provide.

The end of a day disastrous. The end of a cataclysmic century. The end of a fateful era. The falling apart of a fragile relationship. The fall of a fractured empire. The demise of a deal demonic. Plans gone awry. Your final fight for that last breath. "Aaaaaaaagh...." Okay, how poetic can a last gasp be?

As we launch into this sixth book of the TWISTED TAILS anthology series, I am reminded of Michael Crichton’s debut novel, THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN. Why? Because his first and quite likely his best published novel gave us a look at the possible and horrendous result of the introduction into our happy little home of an unknown biological entity from out there somewhere. Before we go on, some clarification is needed here. Although he is best-known for revived dinosaurs, ANDROMEDA STRAIN was his first published book under his own name ([JOHN] MICHAEL CRICHTON). Published in 1969, Crichton was still in medical school and was in his early twenties. Amazing.

Irreverence? What’s that?

Well, that all depends on how the word is used. The context, you know. Irreverence is not limited to what many people think-something to do with religion, although that can be a large part of it. Nope, it is a big word with broad meaning. Let me give you a few examples of how it is used:

Irreverent is the adjective from which the noun "irreverence" comes.

Its basic meaning is "disrespectful". Now you have an idea of just how broad it can be. I’ll wager you can think of a lot of ways to be disrespectful. There is a whole world of irreverence in the pot. Our authors gleefully dip their pens into that pot and scribble out their twisted views of this world-or other worlds.

Words that can be used in place of irreverent (synonyms) are: aweless, cheeky, cocky, contemptuous, crusty, derisive, flip, flippant, fresh, iconoclastic, impertinent, impious, impudent, insolent, irreverential, mocking, out-of-line, profane, rude, sacrilegious, sassy, saucy, tongue-in-cheek, ungodly, unhallowed, unholy and so forth. As you can readily see, the majority of the Twisted Tails authors are world class representatives of the word in all its specific meanings; not just a couple.

I have gathered together several cheeky authors whose impiety is well known and asked them to grace these pages with words of insolence for your reading pleasure. As always, there is no genre restriction. Here you’ll find Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Thrill-a-minute-even Mainstream. The only common element here is Irreverence. The other big deal about the Twisted Tails series that is a must are unexpected endings and sheer quality of writing. Each author brings his/her unique style and voice to the page, but to get to the page the quality of writing demanded in the Twisted Tails series of anthologies had to have been there or it would have been a "no-go". Just another rejection slip to add to the stack in an author’s dark corner. Have fun while you cringe at their out-of-line talent at twisting irreverent tales and we hope to see you again-should there be a next time. I have it on good authority that there probably will be a next time, so keep a watch for it.

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