Jerod Scott

Jerod Scott is a pseudonym used by Mark Scott Isaacs, the author of ?Eternal Lust?, due out June 2005 from Dragon’s Heart Romance. Born on July 17, 1967 in Logan, West Virginia, Mr. Isaacs joined the U.S. Marine Corps after graduating high school and was assigned to a scout/sniper platoon based on his near record-breaking rifle score. After traveling the world he wandered the states, holding a wide variety of jobs ranging from mechanic to chef, and playing bass for a handful of bands. Engaged three times, but never married, he resides in Ohio, where he builds cars for a living and writes fiction for the overwhelming sense of satisfaction it gives him.

Titles Available from Jerod Scott

Inyan is a stone-age hunter with a simple task: to hunt and kill something, alone and unaided, to earn the right to be called a man by his tribe. Yet gaining manhood involves a more difficult challenge, as a ghost from a previous life tempts him with sexual desires. Irresistible and absolutely evil, she seduces him yet again, as she has done so many times in the past.
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