Jeremy R. Strong

Jeremy R. Strong has lived in England and in Halifax, but now lives in the city of his birth and the heart of the continent, Winnipeg. Jeremy is happily married to Jessie and the proud father of their three children: Samantha, Quin and Ora—who all love to hear his stories every night. He is studying for the completion of his PhD in English Literature and works as a college instructor. As an academic, Jeremy studies twentieth and twenty-first century literature and film in its intersections with public policy. He is particularly interested in apocalyptic, dystopian and disaster narratives that depict the future through extrapolation and in any government policy that shares contact zones with science fiction narratives or their creators. Focusing closely on the human body as the site where the realms of art and legislation meet, Jeremy currently works with post-structuralist notions related to biopolitics and identity and has published academic articles about zombies and co-edited a book of academic articles about the apocalyptic: Imagining the End: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Apocalypse.

Titles Available from Jeremy R. Strong

Tiger has lost almost everything. Her village. Her community. Her father. But her brother Tarren, who has been kidnapped by the deadheads that razed her village, still lives. With only the loyal but enigmatic old man Sai to guide her into the nightmare-jungle that was once North America, Tiger must face her greatest fears in a race to save her brother before he is lobotomized, even while the world around her is bled dry by Those That Watch.
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