Jennie Kermode

Jennie Kermode is a thirty one year old intersexed writer known for her film reviews and columns as well as for her short stories. First published at fifteen, she studied historical linguistics at university and spent ten years caring for her partner, a leukaemia patient, before becoming seriously ill herself with mixed connective tissue disease. She has run her own fashion design company, directed a zombie movie, and toured with burlesque theatre. She remains active in the alternative music scene. Variously described as ?a talentless scrounger?, ?the sharpest writer since the fountain pen? and ?the kind of man she warned me of,? she still aims to write about what she knows. ?I might have fallen in love with Jennie if we?d been the right genders.? wrote one critic. ?Of course, I?d probably be terrified of her in person.?
Jennie lives in Glasgow, Scotland, with her partners Donald and Stuart.

Titles Available from Jennie Kermode

A young guitarist yearning to hit the big time. A spurned woman looking for revenge. A rock n? roll god with a dangerous history. The Orpheus Industry takes readers on a tumultuous journey where one man’s quest for stardom may lead him to sacrifice everything. Caught up in somebody else’s game, can Oscar discover who is pulling the strings, and can he bear to give up the dance?

Set in a parallel world where the Greek gods never went away, this tale of sex, drugs, rock n? roll, mythology and mayhem weaves together the patterns of classical stories with modern urban humour, dark fantasy, eroticism and political intrigue. It’s fast-paced and always entertaining, and you won?t want to put it down.

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