Jedaiah Ramnarine

Founder of the Psi.Raise Creative Studios - a Media Brand dedicated to bringing you Fresh, Innovative and Creative stories ranging from Novels to Film.

Jedaiah Ramnarine is the Chief, International Bestselling Author, Filmmaker, Editor and Producer, with work stretching on youtube from collaborations with Omnispawna, Ian Makarov and Daniel Perusko to Professional Gaming across the board.

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Titles Available from Jedaiah Ramnarine

Nyxe... a genetically enhanced young woman awakens in an underground facility where she discovers a mission left behind by her forefathers – rebuild the earth.
It's time to take Vampires to a New, Bold, Reawakening.Vampires are not what you think. They aren't your friends. They're not supposed to be your lovers. Welcome to the dark world of true nightwalkers, where feeding on blood, will be the least of your worries.
Nixie And The Forbidden Heroes Of The World is an All-New Superhero Sci Fi Romance in the year 2020, Berlin - told from the point of view of Nixie, an estranged young woman with an incredible fate ahead of her that will reshape the history of mankind.
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