Jason K. Albee

Jason Albee lives with his wife and children in Southwest Washington, just north of Portland, Oregon. “The Train Ride Home,” grew out from a dream he had about trains. It grew from a short story into a novel. His interests include archeology, history and learning about the newest marvels in science. He also enjoys taking walks.

Titles Available from Jason K. Albee

Pete Jones has no clue the masked woman, who haunts his dreams is real, not until a family tragedy strikes, and he is chased through a green mist onto a supernatural train. He takes a terrifying train ride to an ice-age world full of prehistoric creatures, medieval kingdoms, magical swords, and monsters. Screams filling the air drives him into the chilling snow to a princess with purple eyes that seem familiar, yet strangely alien. He is drawn to her. Unknown to him she is the one that haunts his nights, but in time he will learn. To earn her love, he must protect and serve her. If he is to protect her, he must defeat the unspeakable evil in the dark abyss of the ocean. If he lives, he just might win her heart.
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