James Scott DeLane

Scott DeLane lives in Dallas, Texas. He has penned six novels: The Debt Collector, an epic fantasy saga, Mythradies Boutique, a comic fantasy, Iceworld, a science fiction tale, The Soul Poacher, Dante’s Mirror, and Crimson By Choice, all dark fairy tales.. He has also written two short story collections: The Blue Orchid And Other Tales and Twisted and Other Tales.

Titles Available from James Scott DeLane

When the Dawn probe detects strange energy readings in the asteroid belt, Colonel Sydney Nichols and the crew of the Archimedes are sent to find answers. They soon discover evidence a fifth planet once orbited between Mars and Jupiter. Seeking clues as to the fate of this lost world, the crew travels to the dwarf planet Ceres where they make astounding discoveries that alter mankind’s future.
A killer is butchering sexual predators before detective Gloria Fuentes can arrest them. The mysterious vigilante leaves no clues, other than dead bodies and puzzling tarot cards. During her investigation, Gloria meets an unusual young man who demonstrates keen insights into the psychotic mind. Bennett Spice leads Gloria into the dark world of demons. Together they track cruel killers and confront a sadistic demon from Gloria’s troubled past.
Colonel Franklin, a genetically enhanced solider, accepts a dangerous mission offered by his former enemies to investigate the loss of communications with a commercial mining station orbiting Saturn. He is captured by a powerful alien who specializes in genetically altered slaves. Against his will, Franklin is enhanced into a fighting freak and paired with the beautiful and deadly Cheval. As an inseparable team, they face arena combat for the amusement of gamblers on the outlaw planet Vandalus.
In the shielded city of New Vancouver, civilians struggle to build normal lives while faced with the constant threat of annihilation. Total war against an alien race bent on enslaving the human population has devastated vast areas of the earth. Military victories have eased the imminent threat of alien domination but the war grinds without end. Ava Kliest and her two younger sisters work to build a viable business in a corrupt city that regards German refugees with disdain. Ava develops an unlikely romance with a damaged young soldier. In the midst of an alien assault, Ava rushes to Eric’s aide. Together they battle a devastating onslaught.
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