James Patrick Cobb

Jim Cobb lives in Tucson, Arizona. He’s had many jobs – correctional registered nurse supervisor, agricultural research assistant, ranch hand, appliance salesman, short order cook, and daily newspaper reporter among them. Currently he works as an RN in a busy emergency room and as an instructor in the U.S. Army Reserve.

He’s always up to something whether it’s making beer or barbecue, disc golf, geocaching, fishing, working on his house or car or writing his next story. This is his second published novel. Recently he’s been published in Science Fiction Trails and the anthology “Fast Food, Slow Death.”

He’s married and has a son and daughter.

His blog is available at confrontationjournal.blogspot.com.

(Apologies to Playboy Magazine for barrowing their time-honored magazine interview format idea)

Name: James Patrick Cobb
(Measurements pre- and post-completion of the Charles Atlas Bodybuilding Program in December 2006 where he was halfway compliant with course exercise recommendations).

Height: 6’8”
Weight: 262 lbs. 266 lbs.
Neck: 17.25” 17.5”
Chest: 44.5” 46.25”
Abs: 45.5” 45”
Biceps: 14.5” 15.125”
Mid-thigh: 26” 26.25”

Birth Date: 11/07/66 Birthplace: Chandler, Arizona
What Turns You On? Having the day free to go geocaching, stormy weather, writing, having a good conversation with an old friend, disc golf.

What Turns You Off? Looking for tax paperwork, waiting in line at the department of motor vehicles.

Favorite Musicians: Too many to mention. My favorite stations on XM are The Boneyard, X Country, America, On The Rocks, and Fred.
Favorite Books: Long list, but here’s a few: (recent) The Sex Gates by Darrel Bain, Cousin Feely by J.B. Jones, anything by Robert Heinlein, Dune by Frank Herbert, anything by Erskine Caldwell, Jim Thompson, Booth Tarkington, Zane Gray or Sinclair Lewis.
Favorite Movies: Pulp Fiction, Terminator, silent movies with Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton, Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
Favorite TV shows: the NBC Nightly News, Modern Marvels and Arizona Diamondbacks baseball games.
Favorite Foods: tacos, chimichangas, barbecue, glazed donuts, hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps, beer, coffee.
Favorite Place: Kansas City, Mo. – I went on vacation here in 2007. What a great time! The barbecue is out of this world. The Royals are a terrible baseball team but their fans are real and you gotta love and respect that. There’s a few really great museums there: the Steamboat Arabia Museum, the W.W. I. Furthermore, it’s not a major tourist site so it’s inexpensive.
What Makes You Laugh? Physical comedy – humor like the Three Stooges where Mo bonks Larry and Curly on the head is always funny.
What’s The Most Important Lesson You’ve Learned? No matter what – don’t give up.
When You Were A Kid, What Got You Into The Most Trouble? Not paying attention to what I was doing, trying to amuse others and “fit in” by not trying very hard in school.
Ambitions? Pass the Certified Emergency Nurse exam, see every national park and monument in the United States (so far I’ve seen 28% of them), and be able to do 100 push-ups consecutively with correct form.

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