James Kruse

James Kruse resides in Edgewater Florida. He has spent his life building software companies, cars and researching new technologies. He has a passion for Steampunk and Science fiction stories. He is a storyteller, an artist and a technologist and when he is not writing he can be found daydreaming and playing guitar. You can find him online at JamesKruse.com and on Facebook and Twitter.

Titles Available from James Kruse

The tale I am writing here concerns a mysterious boy named Darius Dinn. The story of how he came to save us, all happened a long time ago before the Outsiders came and overtook the natural order of life in Haden. While the world marveled at horseless carriages and radio waves, I shudder in the knowledge of the terrifyingly genius creations I witnessed with my own weak eyes, right here in this little western town, cut off from the world save for one lone steam train. I once called myself an inventor, but I was wrong, the truth of how far the minds of men could go and the creations they could bring forth has humbled me into a mere tinkerer. I chronicle the story now, so many may know how an orphan boy came to us and gave us hope. -Durban Wells
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