J.J. Eliyas

One of the things I hate the most is writing about myself, not because of any amount of modesty, rather I am afraid of what it would reveal.

I work in the mental health field and teach sociology at Penn State. I have worked as an Assistant to a Juvenile Court Judge, as a Private Investigator, was Supervisor of a Sexual Abuse Investigative Unit and I am currently a Director for a large behavioral health provider in Western Pennsylvania.

Onto writing, why do I do it? H. Beam Piper and Poul Anderson, Herbert and Tolkien, Moorcock and Burroughs all influenced me. I would escape into their pages on stormy days and be John Carter fighting for the Princess of Mars, or stay up late with a flashlight and follow Corum or Elric through the ruins of some ancient city. All this fomented some creative explosion within me, and in turn I am lucky enough to put it down on a page or scrawl it in paint on a canvas.

In addition I am Editor of Art and the Sword, the annual Journal of the Japanese Sword Society of the United States. My appreciation for the Japanese Sword as Art began in college when I found The Craft of the Japanese Sword by Leon & Hiroko Kapp, and Yoshindo Yoshihara in the campus bookstore.

I began writing in college. While I prefer the fantasy genre, I also have interests in Science Fiction and Suspense. I live outside of Pittsburgh with my wife Arlene, my daughter Aubrielle, two dogs, two cats, and a pond full of many, many Koi.

Titles Available from J.J. Eliyas

Just beyond your fingertips is another world. It’s in the whisper of the wind, the sigh of the trees. It’s the shadow in the mirror or the fleeting glance of something out of the corner of your eye.
The world of Carn is aflame with war. Six Outlanders, once ordinary college students, have been thrust into an exotic world of intrigue, betrayal and brutality. Now flung to the four corners of this strange world, they must rely on their wit and skill at arms to solve the riddle of this land and find a way home.
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