J. J. Greenstein

First, and before anything else, I’m a storyteller.

In over 70 years of living there are great numbers of things that have attracted my attention. I am an electrician. I'm also an engineer, who has designed computers and computer systems; one of which—during the bad old days of the cold war—flew in the plane designated as our President’s Airborne Command Post… The Doomsday Jet. As a chief engineer of a company I built bar-code readers.

I’ve spent 13 of the most enjoyable years of my life as a scoutmaster, and three as a cub-master.

I joined the Air Force to learn jet engine mechanics, but ended up working in broadcast and closed circuit television, serving in such unlikely locations as the War Room of the Strategic Air Command, and a television station on the island of Okinawa.

I have been involved in sports car racing, scuba diving, sailing, and anything else that seemed like fun. I can fix most things that break, sew a fairly neat seam, and have raised three pretty nice kids.

Titles Available from J. J. Greenstein

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