Imari Jade

Imari Jade currently resides in Marrero, Louisiana. Her professional credits include “Different Persuasion,” in Touch Magazine, her story Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number at Justus Roux, A Rose By Any Other Name at Midnight Showcase, and “Love Never Dies,” which can be found in Midnight Showcase’s Halloween Hijinx Anthology. Awaiting publication in Midnight Showcase Fiction are Imari Jade’s novellas Wet and Damnation. Her novella Body Heat will come soon to Sugar and Spice Press. Her novella entitled Death Takes a Holiday is the first of her stories to be published at Carnal Desires Publishing.

Titles Available from Imari Jade

Rianna Papoulias’ life changes when she comes face to face with the specter Death. At first, she thinks that she’s having a hallucination, but she soon realizes that Death is very much alive, standing over six feet tall, blonde and devilishly handsome. Thantos (a soul reaper) and Calypso (an angel of death) are furious. Not only has a human seen them, but a fallen angel has snatched her and disappeared. Thantos decides to go to hell to rescue Rianna, but he is summoned by the Fates and sent on another mission while Calypso is sent back to heaven. Thantos rescues Rianna and discovers that he has fallen in love with her. Throughout the remainder of the story, Thantos tries to convince Rianna that she’s not hallucinating, while struggling to keep her out of the bed of goddesses, demons and a randy ghost.
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