Hertzan Chimera

Hertzan Chimera makes William Burroughs look like a social realist. Terror Tales review of the sci-fi horrotica novel SZMONHFU.

Published paperback works:

RED HEDZ (novel 1990), explored the clich? of creativity and was damned to Purgatory by none other than Penthouse Magazine for its lax moral standpoint.

SZMONHFU (novel 2001), a big fat wad of compressed man-cumm stuffed down the throat of the reader until he choked (also available as DDP ebook).

BROKEN (collection 2001), co-written with Alex Severin and Wrath James White.

BOYFISTGIRLSUCK (collection 2003), co-written with Alex Severin, sexhorror at its most extreme (also available as DDP ebook).

UNITED STATES (novel 2003), unrelenting horror and sexual intrigue (also available as DDP ebook).

ANIMAL INSTINCTS (collection 2003), 32 short stories of crazed make-believe (available as DDP ebook with a fully-illustrated paperback coming from DDP in 2004)

Nominated for the 2001 Pushcart Prize.

Hertzan Chimera is a member of the Horror Writers Association.

Titles Available from Hertzan Chimera

Here is a collection of stories for those of you who shudder at the thought of gulping down one more of Aunt Ida's "famous" cookies, who dread facing another interminable discourse from Uncle Earl about pig farm economics. If the first few notes of "Away in a Manger" cause you to grab something sharp and look around frantically for an eye to stab it in this book was written for you.

This collection of tales comes from the quill of Penemue, fallen angel and bringer of ink and pen to the children of men. Listen as he recounts his tales, both new and old, of his brethren demons when they  walked the earth of men. This volume contains twelve stories from the darkest new authors in horror today. Tales that will not only haunt you, but will also delight.

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