George W. Laidlaw

George Laidlaw was born in Ottawa, Canada’s Capital and is married with two children Michael and Meghan. He has been writing ever since he told bed time stories to his children and received the plaintive cry, ?Dad tell us another story.? After working for the Canadian government as a biologist, for over 30 years, his hopes are to pursue his writing career in retirement and craft stories that draws in the reader and leave them with a finely crafted action-filled romance adventure, and an overall appraisal from the reader with a comment ?it was a good read?.

Collecting G. A. Henty books, the respected British author of adventure books for children (1872-1905) may be the reason George Laidlaw’s stories are filled with historic facts and intriguing mysteries.

?A story is a chance to steal a moment of someone’s time and in doing so the author owns it to the reader to give him or her a chance to feel the beauty of words and uncover a story which holds one captivated.?

A long-time member of Ottawa Independent Writers association and avid historian, his world-wide assignments, travel, research and intense relationships bring an authentic, hard-pressed contemporary air to his remarkable output.

Laidlaw’s publications include stories in children’s magazines and novels:
When the Hummingbirds Sing at Timeless and Marzipan at Jungle Heart at Clancy’s Fight at and,Sheba’s Secret and For Murder, RSVP at

with 20 other novels and many children novellas in the mill are most recent in this remarkably eclectic repertoire including several more novels currently being produced i.e., The Vesuvian Mistress by Zumaya Publications and Shards of Irish Crystal by

His interests include biology, geology, paleontology and the history of man.

Interwoven with the fast-paced skills of a natural storyteller are threads tying action, emotion and intellect in a close-knit loom of international suspense.

Mystery and surprisingly constant romances draw the most discriminating reader into Laidlaw’s inexorable whirlpools.

Life on the hard edge ? today.

Titles Available from George W. J. Laidlaw

Blowing the whistle on one of the biggest food manufacturers carries a risk. Charles Turcott may have understood that he was taking a chance but the intentional use of unhealthy and adulterated food was endangering thousands of people throughout the world. He couldn?t just stand by and wait for people to die.
In the skies over war torn Europe, a Lancaster bomber with its crew is fighting for its life. Myers Stone had exchanged his books on Archaeology to help fight this war. His role as a mid upper gunner lets him shoot at the enemy. Unknown to him, the gunner in the forward turret holds a secret so important that he and his country will do anything to find it. Karl Wurt is new to the crew, an American of German birth who has come to help fight the war, but he holds a secret and is now following a plan that will force the Lancaster down into the hands of Hitler’s forces. His secret is held inside a spy pencil. The microdots of three tablets from the era of the King of the Lydians, the famous and wealthy Croesus will give the German historians and archaeologists the location of the lost fortune of Croesus and his treasure house of gold.
Greed brought them to the land of the Inca and small pox and civil war allowed the Spaniard Pizarro with his cannons, steel breastplates and horses to conquer one of the Greatest Empires in the Western world.

This is an era where the youth or doubters no long accept what is told to them. No longer are they willing, like their parents to believe those in power are truly responsible and caring. Too many examples of their failure in parliament or from disasters seen on the nightly TV news have proved that trust is no longer possible. The governments? line, as well as the positions taken by big companies fall on disbelieving minds.

They say the Spanish Flu started in the resort town of San Sebasian, Spain, but whether it did or didn?t it was one of the causes that helped end the First World War. The epidemic that spread across the world killed millions of people and the young were more susceptible than the middle aged.Thousands of soldiers on each side of the war died within days of contracting the disease.

Hate was in his genes and ever since his ancestor Karl Toxopeus had fought the Zulu horde and endured British occupation and their concentration camps, he and Boer ancestors hated the British and anyone remotely associated with them. Becoming a German spy and going to America to uncover the truth about the Manhattan Project was his way to ensure that Germany would win the war and the British would lose it. His discovery in America showed that once the Americans had joined the British after Pearl Harbour, America had turned into a huge industrial giant producing planes, ships, bombs and anything that would help them defeat Hitler and his Nazis.

This is a novel that travels through time. Back to the time of the Vikings and their voyages to the new world; it also covers events in the Second World War when an American soldier murders a fellow solider to assume his identity and it takes you to the present to a researcher working on the Arlington cemetery on a village where escaped slaves once lived. Follow a mystery where a young woman meets a medical student, a veteran from the Vietnam war and find out how the past becomes merged in the present.
Meghan and Georgina befriend a boy, Lars Petersen, in their class and find that he’s frustrated, lonely and missing his friends back in Norway. Georgina helps him with his English and Math and discovers that his hobby relates to the history of the Vikings. Through her initiative she gets one of her friends who Meghan helped rescue his prized racehorse in the Bag of Bones Mystery to help Lars in his search for the truth about the Vikings in America. This friend has a sailing vessel and he allow them to sail his yacht up the east coast in search of likely places where Lars Petersen believes are undiscovered landing sites where the Vikings reached New England. This is an adventure both in the present and in the past as we discover and experience the journey that one Viking longboat took in its exploration from Iceland and the search by a modern Viking descendent to prove how masterful the Vikings were in their exploration of the world in the 10th century.
While waiting to attend a summer ballet dance school in Long Island, New York, Georgina and Meghan two 16-year olds help their uncle in an archaeological dig on one of America’s wonders of the ancient world where a city of 20,000 people rivaled anything in Europe in the 12th century. There they work on beautiful artifacts and discover a love stone, a tear that joined two people together even in death. A break-in into the tent storing the artifacts becomes one of many robberies in the archaeological world. Back at their summer dance school one of the student instructors is wearing a small necklace that holds an Indian artifact and it leads the girls into a ring of thieves who are responsible for many similar robberies of priceless records of man’s history in America.
Hate manifests itself in many forms. For the Irish and those linked to the IRA, hate seeps from every pore and it is directed to the British who have humiliated Ireland. Patrick O?Connor released with hundreds of other IRA prisoners still has a burning desire to harm the enemy of Ireland and he takes his plot to England to the very symbol of Britain’s greatest engineering feat, the umbilical cord that links Britain to the Europe, the Chunnel and against Andrew McCain, a police officer who killed his brother.
No one likes to lose a favorite relative, but it’s far worse when that person is murdered.
The sudden theft of the museum’s prized fossil begins the disappearance of children in the small rural community of Spoonerville. It is only through the ingenuity of Andrew and Michael that the truth of why these terrible events are happening and what the fossil actual is. But without a way of stopping the fossil and his guarding creatures the world might find itself under the command of these fierce creatures from another world.
Finding a key leads two brothers into finding a cave that holds a terrible secret. Within the hidden chambers lies a golden sarcophagus. In the coffin is an insane pharaoh suspended in sleep for centuries and who is waiting for his trusted follower to insert the special necklace that will awaken him. If he regains his powers then the world will be lost and it is up to Andrew and Michael and their friends to find a way to prevent it from happening.
Exploring Sapper’s Bog brings Michael and his friends upon the strange tree where dozens of shoes and boots have been nailed to its trunk. A sudden movement in the nearby bushes and the appearance of a strange creature drives them screaming home in fright. Their experience becomes important when suddenly there are thefts in their town, and health concerns over an epidemic downstream, which leads them into searching for the truth about Sapper’s Bog and the time of the First Word War. The exploration of an underground labyrinth of tunnels and its sudden flooding leaves Michael trapped as the water rises and threaten to drown him. Alone and nearly in total darkness his only hope is that his friends can get help and somehow rescue him before it’s too late, when suddenly a cold hand touches his shoulder and he discovers he is not alone.
A strange and unexpected call from a lawyer brings the Small family to the Bahamian islands where an ancestor lost his only daughter in a kidnapping 150 years ago. Michael, Andrew and Meghan have the keys to discover what happened to this young girl whose painting is almost identical to Meghan. But they have to deal with a zombie who under a blood oath taken so many years ago awakens to find where the young girl has been kept for 150 years when the Sorceress put a curse on him and left the girl, Georgina, under the care of her pet.
A letter from an elderly aunt brings the Small family to Britain. There the children discover that Dame Hesselford, their mother’s great aunt is being haunted. They decide to find out what is happening and why someone is trying to force the old lady from her home. Their search brings them into the mystery of the lost treasure of Queen Boadicea, a British queen who fought against the Romans. Their attempt at solving the mystery brings them into an underground passage and when their way to escape is blocked, it is up to the ingenuity of the children to find a way out.
Michael Cavandish’s PHD thesis about the shortcomings of stealth aircraft wins him more than just his PHD at a very young age. When an F117 stealth bomber is shot down by a third world country he is also awarded the rank of Major in the armed forces and conscripted into service to find an answer to this problem. He soon finds terrorists literally in his own back yard preparing to destroy the eastern seaboard.

Man, the ultimate toolmaker, believes he had conquered the sky as he has done the land and the sea. With his sleek fighters flying at speeds well above that of sound or in planes that can carry 1000 passenger, man believes he’s in command. Yet his smugness evaporates when he suffers a BIRD STRIKE. Its disastrous consequence shows the truth; man is just an uninvited guest. Once you read this book and follow the exploits of a man who uses birds to create disasters, you will never feel safe in the air again.

A vacation to the Inland Passage off the coast of British Columbia brings the Small family into a disaster when a kayaking accident forces the children to be left alone on an island while their father takes their mother for medical treatment. They seek shelter and find a hermit and his strange pet. That pet, a ?white? black bear becomes a tool to stop the unsanctioned clear-cutting of the majestic Douglas fir and redwoods that for some are considered a wonder of God.
Meghan and Georgina live for riding and when the local doctor invites them to ride two of his prized horses their happiness has no limit. Both 10-year old girls are fierce competitors and their archrival Cassie challenges them in the district-jumping contest. But this is only the beginning of a challenge to both Georgina and to Meghan. Lives are at risk as Meghan finds, escaping her kidnappers in a ride that is worse than anything she has ever experienced and is more challenging than a jumping contest. Riding in darkness in a fierce thunderstorm is almost beyond her ability, but if she doesn?t find help people will be lost.
Disappointed about not getting into summer riding school Meghan finds herself shipped off to the Emerald Pioneer Camp. There she discovers that the equestrian instructor isn?t what he appears to be ?a riding expert?. A sudden fire and its consequence force Meghan out into the darkness when she is found bending over the unconscious riding instructor who accused her of starting the fire. No one believes her and she has no where to go but into the darkness of the land that surrounds Baitfish Lake and a land that once considered sacred to the Indians.
Meghan and Georgina Small bring mystery into their family’s life with a visit to a pen pal, Magdalene in Mexico. The family accepts an invitation to visit Mexico and soon the four children are involved in the mysteries of the Monarch butterfly and discover that Magdalene’s family has a responsibility handed down to them since the time of Montezuma. We are taken back into time and the secrets of Montezuma and the destruction of his empire at the hands of Cortes and his conquistadors. We also become involved in a modern mystery where the sacred places where the monarch’s return from their visit to America and Canada are being raided by unscrupulous people who have found a way of taking the monarchs that fill the trees and killing them to be shipped to market where the monarch wings are made into pieces of jewelry. Follow the Small children as they solve the mysteries of theburial ground of the Monarchs both the King and his secret messengers.
Andrew Small has won two transatlantic tickets to attend a strange annual ritual held in CooperHill, England called RUNNING The CHEESE. Unknown to him and his brother Michael, it is the start of another adventure that dates back to the time of the Sepoy Mutiny in India in 1857 where a distant relative lost his life with hundreds of other British soldiers in the rebellion while stationed at Cawnpore. But before he died he entrusted a letter that would insure his son would inherit his estate and become the next lord of MacDonald Manor. The letter was never delivered; the son and his descendents never had the opportunity of gaining what was rightfully theirs until the iIncredible Smalls become involved with the mystery of the Snake Charmer’s Secret.
Meghan once thought going to the Griffen Riding Academy would be a highlight of her life, but when she failed to make the cut she was devastated. The arrival of a letter with the logo of the Spruce Meadow Young Adult Riding School on it with its invitation for Meghan to attend in the last week of August and the first week of September, in the foothills of Alberta, was unexpected and better than winning a million dollars in a lottery. To be invited to this prestigious equestrian school was recognition that she was considered one of the better riders in the country. How her name came to their attention was a mystery? But mysteries were always part of Meghan’s life and those of her brothers and sister. Not only is she forced to achieve skills she never knew she had, but also she discovers that there is a mysterious visitor who comes to the camp uninvited. Those visits might threaten both her new friends and the prized horses in the stables where Canada’s best riders are trained. Will she determine what is actually happening? Does the camp hold a secret?
Georgina buys a beautiful figurine at an action and discovers that it is much older than she thought. Her mother uses her contacts and finds that the figurine of a beautiful Irish Colleen is called The Fenian Messenger.Learn about the attempt of Irish rebels and veterans of the American Civil War as they plan to invade and conquer Canada and hold it for use as a bargaining chip to force Britain to give Ireland its freedom. But Georgina discovered that the Fenian Messenger holds a secret and that secret could ruin the political future of an Irish politician who might soon become the leader in Ireland.
Working in Mexico allows Michael Small an opportunity to uncover ancient tools of man. One he discovers with Victoria Windemere is a startling discovery of a Roman sword, a commander’s sword. From the engraving on the sword it points out that the owner was the commander of the Ninth Legion. How that sword got to North America is a mystery. Follow the journey of a Roman vessel as it heads to Britannia and gets captured by a fierce storm and blown off course. Go with the Smalls to Britain and walk the Roman Roads. Find the clues to one of the greatest mysteries on what happened to the Ninth Legion when 5,000 Roman soldiers, centurions trained in battle disappear, in land that Rome had not yet conquered; a land where the Picts do not accept defeat and fight to save their land from the might of the Roman Empire.
Karma a regal, queen like cougar holds within her realm a secret that has mystified aviation historians for 75 years. What happened to a German Princess who dared to challenge the wide Atlantic when flying was in its infancy? Michael and his sister Georgina discover in New Brunswick something that will change the records of who first reached America from Europe in 1927. Hidden in her territory, Karma holds the secret and it is up to her to reveal it. This mystery relates to the contest that the London Daily Mail ran to encourage the first non stop airplane flight across the Atlantic for 10,000 British pounds.
Few people know that Canadians played a vital role in the American Civil War. Work with Michael and his friend Chris when they find a can of Double Eagle American gold coins hidden in an old stone bridge near their home. In the can is a short note that brings a part of history to light that few people today know about. The Knights of the Golden Circle were formed to finance the second rising of the South. Learn about the Civil War and discover how an actor on the stage changed the history of America.
It produced the loudest sound ever heard in man’s recorded history. The eruption in 1883 on the island of Krakatoa was not only heard but its effects were felt halfway around the world as tides were affected. Over 36,000 people were killed. Discover a mystery where Michael Small becomes involved in finding why pigeons failed to return to their roost in a major Homing pigeon event. In that search he also discovered the pigeon’s owner, a friend of Michael’s cousin, has a mystery dating back to the time Keith Walsh traveled across the Pacific on board the schooner Beagle II. The plea for help takes the Smalls to Australia and then to the islands of the south Pacific in the search for the missing ship, with the clues carried back to Canada by a pigeon called Hope.
When you are a witness to an assassination trouble stalks you.  It was no different for David Niven and his friend Chris Stern.  The last words of the dying Islamic scholar are a plea to destroy information the old man has discovered. His plea leads to further death.
The bottom of the sea hold many remains of man’s effort to sail the oceans. Michael Stone’s life as a US diver is ruined when he risks his life to rescue two men in a bathyscaph trapped on a sea plateau where they are working on two iron age wrecks. That dive nearly killed Stone but he also finds a mystery about a German U-boat-443 that brings the ghosts of the Second World War too close to home. Both the U-boat and the suicide of his boss brings him to face death at its very deepest depth. He is forced to dive again because the lady he loves will be killed if he doesn?t recover diamonds that was lost on board a tramp steamer destroyed by the Israeli intelligence because it was being used to transport arms to the Palestinians.
Have you ever walked into or found yourself in a situation where you know instantly that you?re in danger? What do you do? Most of us try and remove ourselves and then think about the situation. What happens when you aren?t given that opportunity?
Meghan and Georgina befriend an old man shunned as the town drunk. They discover he is an expert on horses. But as they try to help him they discover he has ghosts in his closet. They determine to find out what is haunting the old man and then they get into the past and find the mystery of a bank robbery in a small town called Furnace Cliffs Kansas.
Michael Small received an invitation from Victoria Windemere, an archaeologist he helped in her work in the Yucatan peninsula and the discovery of Roman artifacts in North America before the time of the Aztecs. His new hobby scuba diving lets Dr. Windemere hire him as an apprentice diver on site in the Mediterranean to work on the recovery of two ships that may date back to the time of the Iron Age. Dive with Michael as he risks his life to save a submersible that has been carried to the bottom. Feel his pain and what he has to suffer to rescue them. He is helped from drowning by a young woman who has her own ghosts. When she tells him about them he helps her unravel a mystery where her grandfather and grandmother were accused of being spies and traitors in the Second World War.
This is an adventure story, which feels as if it were happening as you read the lines and feels the emotions of the main players. This is what most Presidents fear that a family member will be taken and used as a pawn in some scheme of power manipulation. Special security personnel are always trying to avoid such a situation, but mistakes do happen.
Discover the mystery of the missing A-bomb and the people who need to keep its secret buried along with those who died in the air disaster and how that mystery comes into Jake Dorchet’s life and endangers the girl who is restoring his faith in living and himself.

This is a mystery, an adventure and a romance.
Assassination is a tool that can make a weak country on par with those powerful nations with large military forces and massive economies. History has shown that political assassinations have been used for eons and its use has not diminished even in today’s modern world.  
This is a love story where guts, determination, and work merge and two lives are carefully interwoven as mysteries and family troubles are explored in hopes of finding happiness.
    Time does not change the psyche of man. Those in power will do anything to retain their control. When you mix the supremacy of power  (Divine Right) of kings and religious battles between the Holy Catholic Church and those heretics outside the one true religion then the use of greed, lust and murder are the tools that are necessary for success.
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