Gail Davis

C.G. Davis has had stories published in several internet and print magazines as her alter ego, Gail Davis, and looks forward to more, as her new self, in the future. She is currently working on her first novel and dreaming big dreams for it. She resides in Texas with her husband and daughter, three dogs, a cat and two bearded dragons.

Titles Available from Gail Davis

What scares you?

Whatever your reason for needing to be scared, I'm happy to report that this book should do the job for you. Gail Davis, Eric S. Brown, and John Grover have all entertained with their stories in the Swamp, and many other publications, both on the web and in print. This collection of their tales cover a broad range of settings and experiences, and I have no doubt that the depth of the talents of these new stars on the scene will delight and disturb you.
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