Fred Waiss

Fred Waiss was born and raised in Colorado. Once he learned the wonderful and world-expanding skill of reading he became permanently addicted. As a youngster his idea of reading the newspaper was reading the comics page and the sports page, and he proudly admits that in that particular he has not matured at all—but now his "newspaper" is on line. Comic strips led to comic books and the writing of Stan Lee.

At age ten his father introduced him to science fiction and Robert Heinlein in particular, which led to his reading science fiction for pleasure almost exclusively for the next ten years. The "almost" means he also read Tolkien, Howard, De Camp, and others in the fantasy genre. Like so many sf fans, he started writing the stuff as well as reading it.

He graduated from college with a degree in Education with majors in English and physical education, but teaching high school had more stress than reward so he chose another career path. He still misses the coaching aspect, but not the classroom.

He and his wife live in Wisconsin along with three small dogs that believe laps were invented for their benefit. When he's not working or handling the necessary home chores he writes mostly speculative fiction short stories and novels and sometimes even sells one. He says the best things about technology are the internet for research and email for submitting writing. The worst thing is smart phones in the hands of unqualified people.

Titles Available from Fred Waiss

When Collin surveys the slaves acquired from the Kursh as spoils of battle, he sees a beautiful young Aelfir woman. He knows immediately that he will marry her, they will have a son, and that one year after that they will both be dead. The Prophecy has said so.

The warlike and terroristic Kursh are intent on totally exterminating the Aelfir because the people of Aelf possess a magic that is offensive to Kursh culture. The Kursh are also the self-declared enemies of the Free Peoples, and intend to conquer and enslave them.

Collin is the elected leader and the supreme commander of the armies of the Free Lands. As prophesied, when their son is a year old he and Tsha lead the vastly outnumbered armies of the Free Peoples into battle against the entire invading Kursh nation.

The Kursh army is utterly defeated because Collin and Tsha, alone, are able to destroy all the Kursh commanders. They fight expertly and bravely, but finally fall beneath the weapons of their enemies.
A werebear has killed two people and Teyla leaves in pursuit. Her mother, Mirra, has known for years that Teyla’s father, Kaar, is imprisoned by Maalak. With Teyla gone, she goes to free Kaar or die in the attempt. The two helped defeat Maalak years ago in his bid to conquer the city-state of Kessia. He has prepared to try again, confident he will be victorious.

Teyla’s quest is side-tracked by Argus Cord on a mission to find white witches to aid Kessia in the upcoming struggle. The two become lovers and Teyla agrees to help in the battle against Maalak. But she discovers that her father is Maalak’s prisoner. She must attempt rescue, but she cannot protect Argus and herself. Kaar escapes with Mirra’s help, and the two join the forces of Kessia.

As the armies clash outside the southern wall of Dark Home in a battle of magic and steel, Teyla arrives at Dark Home. Maalak discovers her presence and she finds herself face-to-face with the most fearful master of dark magic that has ever been.
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