Felicity Harley

Felicity Harley is a polished public speaker, published journalist, and writer. She holds an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences which includes the study of economics, political science, human geography, demography, sociology, pyschology, anthropology and history. Active in political and social affairs her whole life, she served as the Executive Director of the World Affairs Council of Connecticut (WACCT) most recently until she left to resume her writing career.

Along with her career as a nonprofit executive, she served for twenty years on the board of Curbstone Press, an internationally recognized indie publishing house that focused on social activism and social change.

Her work has recently been published in an anthology called Gathered Light – On the Poetry of Joni Mitchell, alongside writers such as Wally Lamb, Kim Addonizio, Fred Wah (Poet Laureate of Canada), Larry Klein, Susan Deer Cloud, Cornelius Eady, and others. In celebration of the 65th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and on behalf of Poets for Human Rights, Felicity was the winner of the Anita McAndrews Award. In 2014 she was commissioned by Hartbeat Ensemble to write the play “Transplant.” This was directed by one of the nation’s 25 premier young directors, Steven Raider Ginsberg.

In 2015 Felicity’s book of short stories Portraits and Landscapes, was published, and is now available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Portraits-Landscapes-Felicity-Harley-ebook/dp/B00QU9FULO

The Burning Years, is one of a quartet called “Until This Last,” the title of which has been taken from an essay about economic inequality written by John Ruskin, and which was one of the major inspirations for Mahatma Gandhi.

Titles Available from Felicity Harley

In the year, 2060, Sophie, a top female scientist, dismantles the government weather modification program and steals the male and female trans-humans who hold the promise of extended life.

While the remaining inhabitants of Earth are forced to design new underground habitats in order to survive a harsh, overheated world, Captain Rachel Chen, takes the worldship Persephone to Proxima Centauri, hoping that this new star system will provide a refuge for the survivors of the human race.
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