Eva R. Marienchild

Eva R. Marienchild is a health, spirituality, business and lifestyle communicator: an author, editor, translator, poet, artist, Life and Career Coach. Eva’s specialty is helping people do what they love here on earth, in a healthy and happy body, mind and spirit, so that they can come to know God and enjoy the eternal life that is their due in the future.

She alternates between writing and counseling on alternative health, home, nutrition, environment and spirituality. She also informs on Better Living and Working Skills.

Eva writes for electronic and print media, and is passionate about sharing positive information. Her journalistic pieces have appeared in Alaska Business Monthly, Vibrant Life, Long Island Parenting News, Seventeen Magazine, Floor Covering Weekly, "The Long Beach Herald" and fineartregistry.com.

Eva’s print and e-pieces include: "How to Live to be 100 (+)" (September/October 2006) in Vibrant Life (the nation’s oldest health periodical); "Winter Workouts of the Business Class" in Alaska Business Monthly (October, 2005); "Ma & Pa Stores & Services Abundant in Alaska", in Alaska Business Monthly (January/February 2005); "A Beginner’s Guide to Sunrooms", and other home and garden-related how-to articles in doityourself.com (September, 2006).

Her how-to articles appear in doityourself.com, michaelsandgiles.com, beendumped.com, associatedcontent.com/user/22916/eva_r_marienchild.html, and pcperformancetools.com. Eva’s essays have been picked up by The Christian Science Monitor and Southern Hum Literary Publication.

With the help of her mother-a native of Spain-Eva translated Dr. Gary Null’s "The Ultimate Lifetime Diet" (Seven Story Press, NYC) into Spanish. Eva has also translated business plans for Latin-American entrepreneurs, as well as advertisements and point-of-purchase brochures and inspirational episodes of near-death experiences from English into Spanish and from Spanish into English, for nderf.org, a respected near-death chronicle.

In keeping with her interest in advances in science and nutrition, Eva researched and compiled an advanced level course study report, "Nutritional Analysis and Subsequent Dietary Recommendations", for the UK-based "Manuscript Services", which study garnered a four star rating.

Her short fiction books are published by Double Dragon Books (double-dragon-ebooks). Her first novel-length book, "Future Love", an inspirational/futuristic adventure and romance, was published in 2007.

Eva has been called "a magnificent poetess" by Eve’s Magazine’s Eve Berliner. Her poetry, which has been dubbed "beautiful" and "wonderful" by editors of e-zines, appears in Eve’s Magazine, StickYourNeckOut and Muse Apprentice Guild (MAG). Her poem, "I Used to Think: “Who Needs Love’?" was selected by Blue Mountain Arts in 2005 for test-marketing.

Eva put the finishing touches on "The Human Book", by Tom Crawford, published in 2007. The book encompassed scientific breakthroughs, religion and the history of mankind. Ms. Marienchild is also a visual and voice-over artist. Her website is: happy health bilingual at posterous.com.

Titles Available from Eva R. Marienchild

Bethany has hightailed it from the Big Apple to Aussieland where she basks in the breathtaking scenery and relishes her newfound baking success…and all the new bickies (Aussie dollars) she’s earning. If only she could whip up a recipe that helps her learn to trust men…at a time when she could use it most. When she renews a friendship with work colleague Paul “Johnny-on-the spot”—also from NYC—she’s battling memories of a childhood betrayal. Will she ever be able to get close enough to Paul to share her love of the Lord with him? How can she finally relax into a truly safe romantic love?
John Leary of the NYPD Detective Squad is investigating the Noble Affair. His ex, Marcella, has been assigned the same case as a reporter for the Tribune. They both need information; so who’s using who?

Imagine a scenario where you’re so heartbroken that you move to another planet ... have your memories erased ... and get engaged to a stranger you’ve never even met.  Is it possible that the faint flicker of warmth you feel toward a random face in the crowd is in reality an echo of love past?  Or is this what we all have to look forward to; a new kind of ’Future Love’?

When Thomas Landis travels from New York City to be the one and only doctor in a small clinic he experiences the friendships, cultural differences, and the warmth of the Mexican people. And then Luz arrives; a volunteer in the clinic, and a stream in the desert to Landis’ parched soul. Throughout their exciting, but troubled courtship the couple often turns to prayer where they are refreshed, inspired and guided along the way.
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