Eric Diehl

A student of all things, Master of none…

A questionable turn on a time-worn cliché, but fairly apt—a jack of many trades. Perhaps it began with the custom van built in the long-haired days of the early 70’s—an old school bus with an engine salvaged from the junk yard. Or with the dozens of motorcycles ridden, broken, repaired and ridden again. Eric has built furniture and guitars, he’s screen-printed t-shirts and created package design for bottled soap. He’s thrown newspapers and he’s written software for corporations large and small— for a time working from the wandering RV he and Sue called home. He does website design and he’s published SFF shorts and motorcycle and RV travel articles. He built and flew a gyro-copter over the cane-fields and beaches of Florida, and he’s built guitars and penned tunes.

After more than three decades in south Florida, Eric and his lovely wife Susan moved to the Upstate region of South Carolina, where the nearby Appalachians beckon two-wheeled leisure. When cranky knees allow it, bicycling is a favored indulgence—more often, these days, on a recumbent. Motorcycling remains a passion, justified at least in part by instructing a course in motorcycle safety.

He was likely a cat in a previous life, as there’s an undeniable affinity. He looks odd, and children call him ‘ski man’, when he sets out with his walking sticks—a rear-view mirror clipped to his bill cap.

The truth is, Eric is still working out what it is that he’ll do—after he grows up.

Titles Available from Eric Diehl

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