Emmett Lynch

Emmet Lynch was born for the first time in 1968 in Carlow, Ireland. He is married to Isabella and father to Killian (aka Killer) and Zach (no aka yet!). He has a classical education in De La Salle Brothers Academy, and 3rd level education in Carlow RTC and Trinity College Dublin. His first job was as systems programmer for a large financial institution. You might say that his love of science fiction influenced his choice of career.

Emmet is a lover of swordplay, learner of Tae Kwon Do, is an ex lifeguard and qualified marksman, and his love of self taught heroes transfers to his writing. His favourite books include Lord of the Rings, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintaince, No-one Gets Out of Here Alive, The Bible, A Book of 5 Rings and everything by Ian M Banks.

Titles Available from Emmet Lynch

Pilot had been dead for just over 5000 years. But he still got around pretty well! It’s amazing what a demon in the service of Satan can get into. Inside his ancient leather jacket, a brown rat stirred, troubled by dreams of cats no doubt. Pilot’s nightmares were far worse. It’s not easy to forget 300 years in the Lake of Fire. Now he sat astride a large and dangerous jet-bike, the best that 23rd century military technology could supply. The rat woke and crawled up onto his shoulder, sat and surveyed the view. Beautiful green rolling hills with azure blue skies punctured with puffy clouds of grey anti-aircraft missile explosions. It almost looked like Wales. Pilot looked at his pet rat, an animal that inspired almost universal hatred. ?What will we do today?? he asked his familiar. ?Kill, maim and torture?? he said, imagining that the rat had answered, as after all, a rat cant talk. ?Ah, the usual so!? He pressed an immaculately manicured thumb to the starter button, and with a lion-like growl the engine started. With no ceremony or parting quip, just a fly catching smile, he flew off towards the distant gunfire, the grass and wild flowers bowing to him in his jet-stream wake. He would add his own bit of homegrown Hell to the conflict. After all, practice makes perfect, and he had been in practice for thousands of years.

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