Elaine C. Markowicz

Immortal Blood is Ms. Markowicz's second vampire novel. Her first was Bride of the Blood Moon. Other books to her credit are: Tender Temptation, Secret of Evergreen, The Reincarnation of Eva Cromwell and Daughter of Desire. Besides being an author Ms. Markowicz is a web designer, video producer and graphic artist. She attended the Art Institute for video production. She and her family presently live in Philadelphia where she grew up.

Titles Available from Elaine C. Markowicz

Raven travels to France to fulfill her destiny as Queen of the Vampires only to discover her family was slaughtered while asleep in their crypt by Vlad Tepes. Demitrius Volcheck is Vlad’s grand-nephew, assassin and Raven’s lover. Armand Lavoissiere is the human who accidentally bumps into Raven while feeding in an alley, dragging him into her bizarre underworld. Basil is the vampire who makes protecting Armand difficult. But Raven’s biggest danger is Malachi: Demon Angel of Blood Lust and creator of the vampire species.
On the cold, dark streets of London lurks a serial killer. Raven Mason is the photographer who covertly takes pictures of the crime as it happens. Her cold indifference to the victims she shoots quickly changes the night she’s attacked by the killer. This leads her down the dark, seductive path to the vampire underworld. A world from which she won’t return.
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