Ed Morawski

Ed Morawski is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and served in various locations from Virginia to California and Vietnam. He grew up in Cincinnati and presently resides with his family in Southern California where he is an expert in electronic security with over 35 years in that industry and keeps up on current technology. . He enjoys music, photography, writing and traveling and has visited most of the states and many countries including Canada, England, France, and Taiwan.

Titles Available from Ed Morawski

FLIT is the true story of the Instantaneous Transport Portal, believed to have been discovered many years ago by forgotten NASA scientists and suppressed by the government. The ITP was deemed too disruptive to the status quo because it offered instant transport of people between any location, making every form of physical transport obsolete and eliminating all the ancillary services supporting it across the entire world. But the invention eventually gets out and this is the story of what happens when the concept of a locale becomes meaningless, and how the machine shatters the world economy and people's lives in completely unforeseen ways.
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