E.V. LeRoux

E. V. Le Roux is a full time writer and currently lives in East Meadow, New York. She was born in the Bronx, New York. Moved to Brooklyn, New York before the age of five then to Freeport, New York at the age of 15, graduated from Freeport High School.

Mother of three and grandmother of 12, she has much to be grateful for. Ms. Le Roux credits her family and friends for being the inspiration of much of her work in both fiction and non-fiction.

In her early years Ms. Le Roux won awards for her costume designs and paintings. Her paintings have found a home in several countries as well as the United States. Ms. Le Roux taught art to children and adults at a private studio in Great Neck, New York and her own studio in Rockville Centre, New York.

Her obsession for reading anything she could get her hands on at a young age created the desire to write. Fulfilling her hearts desire became a reality with her first published anthology and several of her non-fiction works.

Titles Available from E.V. LeRoux

A suspenseful thriller. The seemingly unrelated disappearances of young, beautiful women comes to the notice of Detective Colter when Veronica Banes gives the police their first lead. The investigation leads them from New York City to Oregon, New Jersey and New Mexico; a countrywide manhunt for a cunning, sadistic killer. The police are aided by Martin Devlin, a psychic who falls in love with Veronica and vows to protect her.
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