E. L. Noel

E. L. (Lynn) Noel hales from a line of rodeo athletes and musicians. Born in the New Mexico desert and raised in the Colorado Rockies, she has been a college student, a waitress, a bartender, a bank teller and for the last several years a novelist and screenwriter. Having had the privilege of musical exposure, she dabbled with the fiddle, mandolin, piano and guitar, but became proficient in none. Her mom is an accomplished singer, song-writer and musician. To add to Lynn’s good fortune, she married an artist. Both have been instrumental in Lynn’s development as a writer and both share in advancing her love of the written word.

She has won various awards for her novels, in both the historical and science fiction categories.

Lynn lives on the Southern Oregon coast with her husband Mike and a tyrant of a dog named Pixie, and with the ebb and flow of the Pacific to constantly remind her of all things good.

Titles Available from E. L. Noel

Sir Fallon de Gothia, Trisagion knight and elite member of the Order of the Third Circle, protects a letter bearer, whose charge is to guide the world in the way it should go. Letters, drawn from visions and penned by the Scribe, await delivery to both paupers and kings, their fulfillment insurance against a darker future. A missing bearer, a failed allegiance, the loss of a Lachesis Ring, an object that extends life, all lead de Gothia down a road nicely paved with self-destruction.
For thousands of years man has traveled the galaxy using the corridors generated by the L'arobi Frame. Now, the Ami-Den Alliance seeks to gain control of the mechanism to satisfy their lust for conquest. There's only one problem... no one knows where it is.
Sir James Greybold, a crusading Templar Knight, falls victim to a plot conceived by those to whom he has sworn allegiance. Dishonored and accused of treason, he finds his true enemies are hidden among his own ranks, and the tower of his code weakened by the siege of lies laid against him. Left for dead in the desert of Palestine, he survives, but is seduced by the lure of vengeance and sets upon a new quest, one forbidden him by oath, one called evil by men of knowledge and spoken so by God.

Whose voice will Greybold heed? The compelling demands of his own desire? Or the quiet whisper of his conscience?
Dante de Montcada, a disillusioned Spanish knight, longs for rest after nine long years of fighting on the bloody fields of Palestine. In a land barren of peace, where Fortune casts her hard gaze on both the innocent and the guilty, Dante labors to save all that is dear to him. Compassion for the innocent, and the courage with which to defend them, is the very axis upon which his violent world turns. But at a time when honor is everything and disobedience is punishable by death, Dante runs afoul of his king, Richard the Lionheart.

And a king’s request is a knight’s command. Or a hangman’s opportunity.
In 1585 Spain the empire upon which the sun never sets is crumbling. Royal coffers are empty, and the Spanish Armada rests at the bottom of the sea. The Church is fracturing, and the Holy Office of the Inquisition labors to restore dominion to the Chair of Peter.
A pebble dropped into a lake forever changes the lake. The past lingers in the future and sometimes overtakes it.
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