Dorien Grey

Dorien Grey started out as a pen-name, nothing more, for a lifelong book and magazine editor who wanted to write a mystery novel with a gay detective. However, because he now lives in a remote and time-warped area of the upper mid-west where gays still feel it necessary to keep a very low profile, he did not feel comfortable using his own name--a sad commentary on our society, he admits.

But as the first book led to the second and then the third, he found Dorien slowly became much more than a pseudonym, evolving into an alter ego. "It’s reached the point," he says, "where all I have to do is sit down at the computer and let Dorien tell the story."

As for the Dorien’s "real person", he’s had a not uninteresting life. Two years into college, he left to join the Naval Aviation Cadet program: he washed out and spent the rest of his brief military career on an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean. The journal he kept of his time in the military, in the form of letters home, honed his writing skills and provided him with a wealth of experiences to draw from in his future writing.

Returning to college after service, he graduated with a B.A. in English, and embarked on a series of jobs which worked him into the editing field. While working for a Los Angeles publishing house, he was instrumental in establishing a division exclusively for the publication of gay paperbacks and magazines, of which he became editor. He moved on to edit a leading L.A. based international gay men’s magazine.

Tiring of earthquakes, brush fires, mudslides, and riots, he returned to the midwest, where Dorien emerged, full-blown, like Venus from the sea.

He--and Dorien, of course--now devote "their" energies to writing, with seven Dick Hardesty mysteries currently in release, another waiting in the wings, and yet another taking shape on the computer’s hard drive.

But for a greater insight into the "real person" behind Dorien Grey, he invites the curious to read "The Poems of Dorien Grey," available as a download from GLB Publishers.

Titles Available from Dorien Grey

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