Deon C. Sanders

As an example of "New Face of Horror Writing," Deon C. Sanders, (pen name Deno Sandz) is on his way towards creating numerous best-selling horror novels, inspiring poems, and feature film screenplays. Written when he was a freshman author in the publishing world, his first horror novel, "Miss Mary Weather: A Southern Nightmare" has been, and continues to be, a success in the minds of horror readers.

Deon C. Sanders works in the field of education in Chicago, is a father of six and considers himself to be a privileged man, to have a wife that loves and supports him and his work. He states that,"In the world of horrorwriting, there are no boundaries".

Titles Available from Deon C. Sanders

Who was the force behind the uprising in Heaven against God and His Angels?  The written word of the bible acknowledges Satan as the agitator; however, as we find out through mythology and pagan cultures of ancient times, Satan did not act of his own free will.  He was influenced by this entity of true anger, evil and power beyond power.

This entity was neither male nor female, living nor dead, flesh nor spirit, good nor evil, merciful nor malicious, alpha nor omega, beginning nor end, hope nor hopelessness.  Its name was no name.  To encounter it was endless and to understand it was futile.  Hades was a sand box compared to the vast wilderness of its Armageddon.

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