Dennis Meier

Dennis Meier studied nuclear engineering at Texas A&M University not long after the discovery of atoms?Democritus was a classmate. Decades later he studied technical communication at Boise State University.

A native of College Station, Texas, Dennis moved to Idaho to work at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory when he learned that, yes, there are places on this planet that aren?t, hot, humid, and teeming with cockroaches and fire ants.

He lives in Boise, with his wife, Donna, and their son, Justin. (Justin Meier is a member of the three-time USAJRF national champion Summerwind Skippers jump rope team.)

When Dennis is not writing Science Club Kids books, he works as a technical editor for the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality.

Dennis? favorite books include Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, the Cyberiad by Stanislaw Lem, and the Retief series created by Keith Laumer. He desperately wishes that he had kept the Retief books, because they are exceptionally hard to find these days.

Titles Available from Dennis Meier

What if the gods of yesteryear were actually from another universe, deposited in our spacetime as the result of a freakish accident? Immortal in their new home, how would these gods react if one person could restore the natural order of things?

In the SCIENCE CLUB KIDS series, Pandora, the first woman of ancient Greek myth, is about to punish the Titans for their violation of inter-universal export laws when their universe collapses, sending Pandora, the Titans, and the Olympians to the universe of Earth. The Titans and the Olympians gain godlike powers in this new universe, but Pandora has been replicated in some strange fashion, her existence having been broken apart into many instances of her life, each instance representing Pandora at a different age.

Led by Prometheus, the Titans will stop at nothing to prevent Pandora from remembering her true identity.
Sixty-five million years ago, Pandora and the Phrenosans inadvertently broke the Multiverse, creating a space never meant to be and relegating the two oldest and most advanced civilizations to the status of has-been legends. Now, those two elder races are back, armed to the teeth, backed by genetically engineered warriors, and aching to restore their positions as top dogs. Standing in opposition are Pandora, the Phrenosans, a motley collection of “gods,” a grumpy higher dimensional being who goes by the name of Zurn, the surly Harbingers of Dűm, and five middle school kids with a wormhole device. You almost feel sorry for those advanced civilizations.
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