Deborah Jaqson

As a child, Deborah Jaqson always knew that she had creative abilities. Having developed a real passion for entertainment, she became involved in performing arts as an amateur actress.

Raised by a devout, born-again Christian, her mother did not encourage her use of her artistic talents, as acting was considered in the church to be “of the world.” In July of 1987, after completing a course in performing arts course, Deborah auditioned and joined a stage musical, without gaining her mother’s consent. Her mother finally approved, however, once she saw the performance.

Deborah began writing short stories, rap lyrics and plays when she was twelve years old. After raising a family, she continued to write. Eventually, she and her family moved to Spain. While living in a small, claustrophobic village, she began writing once again. Her first novel, Fixing John a Drink, was completed in January of 2006, followed by the erotic Two-Play.

Not comfortable with writing only one book at a time, she managed to squeeze in a few children’s books, which were inspired by her youngest child. Currently, she is completing a third romance novel.

Titles Available from Deborah Jaqson

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