David Wilbanks

David Wilbanks is a non-serious science fiction writer, and serious gamer. He is fascinated by most things, but firmly believes that they’d be a whole lot cooler in space. Because ink and paper are cheaper than rockets, he decided to write science fiction. To better pursue that goal, he got an MFA at Seton Hill University. He likes history, puppies, and nuclear-pulse propulsion. He dislikes gravity, parking meters, and international treaties prohibiting further experimentation with nuclear pulse propulsion. When he’s not writing, he can be found playing video games, teaching English, blogging about science, fiction and science fiction, tweeting silly little haikus or, on rare occasions, sleeping. He lives on the Arabian Peninsula with his Xbox. You can follow him on Twitter @spacelizard2, or check out his blog, Space Lizard 2.0, at www.spacelizard2.blogspot.com.

Titles Available from David Wilbanks

Twin Suns is science fiction, with a fair amount of humor in it. It is action-adventure but it doesn't take itself too seriously. It has lots of explosions and lots of jokes. It's a bit like a Michael Bay movie, but with well-written dialogue and strict adherence to the laws of physics. It follows the crew of the USS Tranquility as they fight to survive in a hostile solar system. After an eight year journey, they arrive in the Twin Suns solar system to find that the Japanese fleet has taken control of the system. Thanks to the communication lag between Twin Suns and Earth, they were sent before the war even started, and arrive when it’s all but over.
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