D.R. Hill

D.R. Hilll was born in Grantham in 1992, the second oldest of five. At the age of seven he moved out to Spain for a duration of four years before finally settling back in the UK in the rural county of Devon. From an early age he was passionate about science, which naturally led to a great love for science fiction. It was not until the release of both The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter Film series however, that he discovered his second great love in life, fantasy. Once this door was opened, Daniel became fully engrossed in the genre in every form, from literature to video games, whilst later in life he discovered Dungeons & Dragons and tabletop roleplaying.

Throughout his education Daniel pursued science to the fullest extent, graduating from Queen Mary University London with a degree in biomedical science in 2014.

Over the course of his time at university Daniel began to pen the first draft of what would later become an entire high fantasy series. Graduating with an incomplete manuscript, he took a job for a landscaping and tree surgery company allowing him the time to complete what would become his first book.

Daniel still lives in Devon and writes as much as he can. He enjoys dog walking, amateur dramatics, and runs a long-standing Dungeons and Dragons campaign and a science fiction game of his own design.

Titles Available from D.R. Hill

Rhys North awakens to find that his village has fallen prey to a dark curse. All life and colour has been sapped from the land, and every single inhabitant of Longford has perished during the night; all except Rhys.

Amidst the ruin Rhys comes upon a mysterious stranger named Arlas: the leader of the Circle of Magi, an ancient order of magical warriors sworn to protect the inhabitants of the continent of Cambria against dark magic and mythical beasts. Driven by the need to uncover the truth behind the fate of his village, Rhys embarks on a journey to join the Circle of Magi, yet in doing so he becomes entangled in cataclysmic events that threaten peace across the continent.

Thrust to the forefront of a conflict that has been building for centuries, Rhys is forced to seek out long lost stone circles that reside in every forgotten corner of the continent in a desperate attempt to save the world from a fanatical mage of unspeakable power.
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