D.P. Roseberry

D. P. Roseberry has been working with the written word in publishing for the past fifteen years. With a strong business background in workforce development, she is the author of four career books, the latest being Knock Them Dead - Job Interview Strategies published by Double Dragon Publishing in 2004. She has a passion for the horror/science fiction/fantasy world and is proud, too, of her SF/F/horror novel: RODENTICIDER. Her new SF novel, DYSFUNCTIONAL, will be released by Double Dragon Press in the spring of 2005. You can usually find D. P. (Dinah) in any number of bizarre science fiction conventions or in the classroom talking about interviewing throughout the Pennsylvania Region of the United States during the year.

Titles Available from D.P. Roseberry

The process of finding and getting the right job is old -- a concoction of some higher power to make most stable and confident people feel nervous, anxious, overwrought, tense, and generally self-conscious at a very important time when they need all their faculties!

This book will help you to pinpoint your weaknesses and form a plan that will help make you more effective during this critical time.

Officer Richard Berry has a problem. Not only has a smuggling ring for robotic transistors (that would enable robotic terrorism) set up shop in his district, but a fellow officer had turned up dead in the lake. So now Berry must infiltrate the neighborhood posing as an immature Dysfunctional robot ? a robot that looks and acts very much like a human ? to find the culprits. But who knew that in this disguise he would meet Dannielle Lawrence, the woman of his dreams? A hardboiled police whodunit of the future ? where robots and people interact -- when they shouldn?t.
From the author of "Knock Them Dead Job Interview Strategies"
Relish the Deception

Tomorrow is the day for beginning a new career for Christina Lakely—the dream job. Confident and excited she is to embark upon the path to become a police officer. But as in all romantic situations for her, things do not go as she plans. She encounters a powerful and attractive man in a café—possibly the man of all her fantasies. Although he expresses avid interest in her and she is equally attracted to his rugged male qualities, Christina rebuffs his advances knowing that she will be spending all her precious time, energy, and thoughts toiling in the police academy.
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