Cory Daniells

Cory Daniells is the writing name of Rowena Cory Lindquist. Rowena has been involved in speculative fiction since 1976 when she and Paul Collins set up the small press publishing house. Since then Rowena has been a bookshop owner, run a graphic art studio and sold nearly 30 children’s books and a fantasy trilogy internationally. Rowena has served on the management committee of the Queensland Writers Centre and the Brisbane Writers Festival. Currently she is VP of Fantastic Queensland which runs Clarion South, the Aurealis Awards (in conjunction with Chimaera Publications), EnVision and ran the national SF convention Conjure in 2006. She is the co-founder of the VISION writers group, and ROR?wRiters On the Rise?a critiquing workshop for Australian professional genre writers. During different periods of her life Rowena has studied each of these martial arts for five years, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido and Iaido, the art of the Samurai sword.

Titles Available from Cory Daniells

Journeys of the Mind is a collection of short stories crafted by some of today’s leading speculative fiction writers. Between them, these authors have published over a hundred hardcover and paperback titles. Their works have been translated into twenty-six languages including Russian, Polish, Icelandic, Hungarian, German and Japanese, and their books have sold in excess of 25 million copies. Many are the multiple recipients of prestigious SF and Fantasy awards, and their novels have regularly appeared on international bestseller lists including the New York Times.
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