Cory Anne Stickel

Cory Anne Stickel was born and raised in North Muskegon, Michigan. Upon graduating from high school in 1999, she travelled to Germany, Denmark, and France as a member and soloist of The Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp International Choral Ensemble. She moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 2000, where she worked for five years at Metropolitan Hospital.

Cory has been writing since 2000, and her work has been featured on The Michael Crawford Phantom Movie Campaign between 2000 and 2004. She has written several FanFiction pieces, ranging from short stories to novels, and is currently working on an original mystery/fiction novel. Cory’s collaboration with Jeffrey Redmond on The Valley of Von-Dar marks her first published original work. More of her writing can be found at her website:

Cory lives in Michigan with her boyfriend Bill and their daughter Brianna.

Titles Available from Cory Anne Stickel

A delightful fantasy fiction romance-adventure story, taking place thousands of light years away and a thousand years into our future.
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