Conan McPhee

Conan McPhee is 31 and lives on the edges of London, with his lifetime love Jean and two boys. A Hopeless Dark Rose is his first novel, and a short story featuring the character Turkle is due to appear in a Double Dragon SF anthology. You can email Co at

Titles Available from Conan McPhee

Follow the adventures of Simon Turkle, a government investigator in a fantasy world comprised of two vast and conflicting continents. The style and social strata of this world is similar to our own in the early Victorian era, although there are certain technological differences brought about by a relatively small population and vast natural resources. One continent is Republican, while the other which Turkle serves is Monarchist. The author paints on a canvas with dark colors that will remind you of Blade Runner and 1999. This is a dark fantasy and an alternate history all rolled up in one!

The story of Simon Turkle continues with this short story by Conan McPhee.

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