Christopher Lee Buckner

Christopher Lee Buckner is a California native, living most of his life in Sacramento with his fiancé, where has been writing for six years. His primary background comes from working within the video game industry as a writer. He has been a creative director, artist and journalist for two independent game studios and two online web sites related to the game industry where he has published dozens of articles online and in print, including the Sacramento News & Review.

Originally Conquest of Heroes was under developed to become a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) through the London based game studio, Burning Man Studios. After the studio closed down in January of 2011, Christopher embarked on bringing Conquest of Heroes to readers.

Christopher has a passion for all things science fiction, comic book and history related. He has a deep-rooted love affair for anything associated to Roman history, which he infuses into most of his writing regardless of genre.

Conquest of Heroes is his first major publication.

End of an Era is the first book in a continuing series of novels.

Titles Available from Christopher Lee Buckner

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