Christina Sng

Human, resident of the world, lives on the Equator with her husband and their big-boned cat. She is the author of poetry collections The Darkside of Eden and Angelflesh. Her work has appeared in numerous venues including Aoife's Kiss, Black Petals, Dreams and Nightmares, The Fifth Di.., Flesh & Blood, frisson, Hadrosaur Tales, The Martian Wave, The Pedestal Magazine, Space & Time, Story House, Whispers from the Shattered Forum, and Wicked Hollow, among many others. Visit her online at

Titles Available from Christina Sng

Let your eyes adjust to the darkness contained within this unparalleled tome of terrifying poetry. Let yourself be drawn down into the mausoleum of decayed verbiage and grim visions, meeting the poets your mortician always warned you about. These seventeen international authors gathered in the cemetery are already well known within horror poetry circles for their diverse imaginations. Deftly shifting from free verse to sonnets, from grotesque to darkly comical, the Cemetery Poets scream from beyond the grave with deadly accuracy. Editor Peggy Jo Shumate asks, "Do you have a dread of shadowy places?" The answer, after reading Cemetery Poets: Grave Offerings, will undoubtedly be a resounding yes! Step inside the cemetery gates and
savor every wretched flavor of fear ever conceived.
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