Charles Mossop

Charles Mossop lives on the east coast of Vancouver Island with his wife, their cat, two parrots and a cockatoo. His hobbies, which he enjoys when he is not writing, are gardening, sailing and playing classical guitar. Recently retired from a thirty-two-year career in post-secondary education which provided him with numerous opportunities to travel to Asia and Europe, Charles writes non-fiction magazine articles on international business and historical fiction set in Ming Dynasty China and eighteenth century Europe. He is the author of the Magistrate Lin mystery stories and the Captain Square Mysteries. His stories have appeared in "Flashshot", "Over my Dead Body" and "Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine." He is editor and columnist for the historical fiction department of "The Muse Marquee" magazine and is a chapter contributor to the writers? resource book "The Muse on Writing" slated for release by Double Dragon Publishers in 2006.

Titles Available from Charles Mossop

In the mid-fifteenth century a unique piece of jade is discovered in south-western China which at once becomes the centrepiece of a story of murder, theft and high adventure. The jade is exquisitely carved into a pair of identical dragons and is transported out of China along the Silk Road to Arabia and across the Mediterranean Sea to the Medici family in Florence. Sold to an English nobleman it is threatened with destruction through years of concealment, war and rebellion. Jill Howard, a young British sinologist, traces the turbulent six hundred-year history of the dragon carving in her determination to find it and return it to China.

What elements are essential when building a fictional world? Do your characters need more dimension? Is your plot going no where? Do you want to write like a Pro even though you are just beginning? Are you a published writer looking for dynamic insights into the art and craft of writing? You will find these answers and much more in The Muse On Writing, a book geared for all genres and writers at every stage in their career.

The Muse on Writing, available through Double Dragon Publishing will inspire you, motivate you, amuse you and inform you.
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