Catori Sarmiento

Although she grew up in the Pacific Northwest, Catori Sarmiento has lived in and traveled to many different countries around the world. As an author, this has given a unique style and perspective to her writing.

Her literary contributions occur in a variety of fiction and poetry publications, including Nothing. No One. Nowhere. by Virgogrey Press, The Citron Review, Brick Rhetoric, Foliate Oak Magazine, Vine Leaves, and Ground Fresh Press. She has also contributed non-fiction to Her Kind and This Boundless World and several academic essays published by Student Pulse. Professionally, she is an English and Writing Professor in Tokyo, Japan.

Titles Available from Catori Sarmiento

After the end of World War Two, American society is recuperating from the human loss of war, an uneven social system, and a massive corporation that has caused a technological boom. Seeing a new opportunity, Sarah Igarashi departs from her home on the coast of Alaska to meet her cousin in Seattle where she stumbles to find her place in a new city filled with otherworldly technologies and ideals. In contrast is her cousin, Penelope, who is quite comfortable navigating through a rapidly changing society while also pursuing a singing career with the assistance of her uncle and close cousin, George. However, in pursuing their own goals, each family member is met with outward and inward conflicts; from familial deception to social upheaval and natural disasters.
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