Carol Hightshoe

Born in 1964, Carol grew up in San Antonio, Texas. Her interest in writing first showed itself in elementary school when she used her classmates as models for stories. During high school, she served as the Public Information Officer for the Army JROTC unit as well as editor of their monthly newsletter. She graduated from Highlands High School in 1982 and went on to major in Journalism at Texas A&M University.

She served as a Ground Radio Operator in the US Air Force reserves, has worked as an office manager for two veterinary clinics, and has also worked as a Deputy Sheriff in El Paso County Colorado. She traveled to The Netherlands and then eventually found her way to Colorado Springs, Colorado courtesy of her husband and the US Air Force.

An avid reader at a young age, her strong desire to write came from her love of (her husband calls it her obsession with) Star Trek. It was this early love of Trek that led her to the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres.

Carol’s family includes her husband Tim; their son John; and her four-footed canine companion - Kans. While the rest of the family manages to tolerate her imaginary friends and worlds, Carol’s attitude is "I live in my own little world; but it’s okay, they know me there."

She has published several SF/F short stories and poems over the past few years. To learn more about Carol’s writing you can visit her website: Realms of Fantasy and Imagination at Also feel free to email her at In addition to her own writing she is the editor of the fantasy e-zine The Lorelei Signal,

Titles Available from Carol Hightshoe

Writers are the only true magicians in the world. They create worlds with words, and in the case of fantasy, they bring magic into our lives. Because of writers we can converse with dragons, follow a quest for the sake of good, and find love lost through the centuries.

There are souls so sinister and bleak that good fears to look within but perhaps if we venture deep enough, we will discover more than just pain. Come, journey with us through that darkness to find what lies within those Stygian Souls.

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