Carlos Quiroga

I am a graduate of New England School of Law in Boston. When returning home to Michigan I joined a local DV/SA Council, became a Survivor Advocate, then went on to become Director of a mental health drop-in center. During my time at those positions i’ve done a great deal of grant writing, and public speaking. Now I am focusing on my love of dystopian style novels, currently working on a compilation of short stories, and another novel.

Titles Available from Carlos Quiroga

Gratification is the new religion. Countless temples cover the last remaining city, Scelus, filled with sex-bots to accommodate the faith. Mira, the figurehead of the resistance, is awoken by her long time team-mate Horatio as a bot. This confirms their worst suspicion, that humans are somehow being used to create the lifeless machines. In their escape, Mira finds a terrifying power within herself that doubles her will to fight against the tyrannical Council of Luminescence. As they continue their journey to destroy an unbeatable enemy Mira and Horatio must look within themselves to find what forms true power can take.
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