CS Morgan

C S Morgan is a twenty-nine year old technical writer, cake eater and Welsh fencing champion. She works for a children’s confectionery company based in South Wales, writing anything from the ingredients of a chocolate bar to instructions on how to use a teddy bear safely. She is a creative writing student who enjoys writing long and short fiction for adults and young adults. She’s also dabbled in children's fiction as part of her studies, writing tales of time travel, cursed uncles and Sock Gods. With a healthy reading vocabulary for the fantasy genres, she loves to write science fiction with a particular interest in dystopia and exploring the limits of control and technology in future societies. Having enjoyed the complex worlds woven by authors like Phillip Pullman, H G Wells and Margaret Atwood, she wanted to craft her own future world. She’s had some small success in the publication of flash fiction. This is her first novel.

Titles Available from CS Morgan

A young man is being questioned in an interrogation room. He does not know his crime but he knows why he is there. A young woman is brought in and introduced as his RECESSIVE JUDGE. She has the folder with the sundial emblem. They hold the results of his SOUL SCREENING, the government’s new initiative. As the young man reflects on recent events, it soon becomes clear the crime he is about to be accused of was committed in a past life and he knows only too well how dire the punishment will be. All this is a year from now. The existence of the soul is scientifically proven. Our past lives are real. Our past crimes are real. Now we must pay for them.
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