Bob Swartzel

During the Vietnam War, I witnessed the meteoric rise and subsequent unprecedented fall of a democracy movement, a grassroots movement led by the Buddhist monks of Vietnam. Because my signal unit provided communication for CIA, AID, State Department and NSC folks, we signal troopers heard things discussed that did not track with the official news being reported in the press and through official communiqu’s. This discordance caused misgivings among many of us. These concerns never disappeared in my case. Over the years, as I stumbled upon more and more oh-by-the-way corrections of misinformation, I began to consider the need for this novel.

Bob Swartzel grew up in Iowa. He graduated from Drake University and holds an advanced degree in engineering and has worked in investment services. He now resides in South Carolina.

Titles Available from Bob Swartzel

Second Edition - "a Robert Ludlum like thriller!"

DIVERTING THE BUDDHA examines the impact that the politically well connected have on our world. It is a large canvas novel that picks up were THE QUIET AMERICAN left off. As with the Graham Greene novel, this work looks in depth at the devastation political elites create when undermining grassroots democracy. This novel uses actual events to make clear just how thwarting a people*s democratic aspirations leads those thwarted to undertake the desperate acts we label as terrorism.    

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