Billie Brannock

Billie Brannock lives in Tucson, Arizona, with her husband, Tom, and two sons. She is dedicated to her love of animals, children, writing and art. During the day she works with special needs children at the high school. Her artistic credits range from illustrating, creating book covers, designing trophies and jewelry, to a postal cachet circulated worldwide.

Ms. Brannock has several other novels in production, including a sequel to ?S?ggi’s Trolls? entitled ?The Griffon’s Lair?. Past published credits is a horror novel, ?The Boneyard?, under the pen name of Robbin Nickaell, with another soon to follow.

Titles Available from Billie Brannock

A fantasy adventure based on an Icelandic myth for readers of all ages.

When Tory Simmons accidentally fell into the underworld during a school field trip he never dreamed that life could be so different. At that moment S?ggi’s warning of ?Once you get in you can?t get out!? was a shocking reminder that children do disappear every day without a trace. Tory was now faced with an unknown destiny in a forbidden territory harboring horrendous creatures beyond his imagination. He will explore unique trails and valleys, encounter magical friends as well as terrifying enemies to fulfill a prophesied fate that will determine the final outcome of the badlands and the protected territory.
Eleven-year-old Tawnee Morgan and her toddler sidekick, Kira, are on a predestined adventure in the Underworld. Their task is to collect the missing treasures that will restore the Magical Pond’s powers and save the Protected Territory from the Gorgon’s rule. Guided by a kindly and wise unicorn, the threesome clash with evil mythical characters like the notorious Griffon. Throughout the journey, the ruthless Gorgon and her partner, the Gargoyle, add more stumbling blocks to the challenge. Unable to aid the brave trio with their quest, Tory, Margr?t, and the Innocents wait, wondering who will become the next ruler of the Protected Territory?or if they will all perish.
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