Ben Manning

Ben Manning is a trained actor from the UK. He studied English literature and Art history at the Arts University in Bournemouth. He was taught by noted biographer Gijs Van Hensbergen who has published acclaimed works on the architect Gaudi. Ben has taught about the great poet, Samuel Taylor Coleridge at Coleridge cottage, run by the National trust. From 2008 to 2012 he led guided tours on the romantic poets on the Quantock hills. In 2011 he performed at a major UK music event at the Beautiful Days festival which is held at the birthplace of the great romantic poet. Manning has also worked on architectural/Design and music publications for SPG Media in London.

In 2012 Ben was featured on BBC radio, firstly on national radio for radio 4 talking about his experiences as a writer and then on BBC Somerset/Bristol and surrounding areas talking about his Vril Codex novels. In 2010 he wrote a tribute to the poet Coleridge and to Roald Dahl as an epic poem and as a result it is displayed at the Roald Dahl museum in the UK. In 2012 a number of his articles were published on the popular online magazine called “World through my specs”.

He continues to develop his Vril series as well as science fiction books. The Vril Codex is the first book ever written on Vril power myths and the Nazi’s as a series, and was first developed in 2010. The Vril Codex is book I in the Vril Chronicles.

Titles Available from Ben Manning

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