Barry A. A. Dillinger

Barry A. A. Dillinger is the author of several novels, screenplays, teleplays and magazine articles. He was born and raised in New York, but now calls Connecticut his home. He is an avid ghosthunter, as well, and founder of team GHOST (Grim Hauntings Or Skeptic’s Truth) which works for Creepy Connecticut online. He lives with his wife, Donna Lee, daughter, Bethany Autumn, and his many dogs and cats, and enjoys reading, roleplaying games and (most especially) nightmares.

Titles Available from Barry A. A. Dillinger

The Crystal of Glath has been rediscovered . . . by a direct descendent of Afner Thimlock, the great dwarven general! Daelin may not be a warrior himself, but when troll-slayer, Ancor Grelin, joins him on his quest for knowledge regarding the ancient stone, the simple crafter finds his prospects brightening. They are even brighter when the famous Feligrim brothers, Telitar and Hendol, join the cause. Finally, Alufin Antaneum, his best friend in the world, decides to go along for the jaunt.

The Crystal of Glath has been rediscovered by the great great grandson of one of Acleron’s greatest warriors! Daelin Thimlock, tasked with taking this gemstone to the Lords’ Table, is joined by his best friend and three of Orphis’ most famous citizens. Their mission is to find out if this stone is in fact the very jewel that was present at the destruction of several great ancient cities. Along the way, they are confronted with many obstacles, not the least of which includes their imprisonment inside the castle of a necromancer.
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