B.D. Faw

B. D. "Bob" Faw is a retired electronics engineer, teacher, and entrepreneur. He has written, produced, and hosted shows for both radio and television and has performed on stage and screen. He claims that the only thing he does worse than act is sing, but did reasonably well as a stand-up comic. Author, editor, prize-winning poet, and philosopher, he is published in books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, the Internet, and a freeway time capsule. His poetry collection, CYCLES OF LOVE is in pre-publication. Recent stories appear in the theme anthologies POE?S LIGHTHOUSE; AMAZONS: Tall Tales of Strong Women; CONFESSIONS: Admissions of Sexual Guilt, (in collaboration with Mike Resnick); SMALL BYTES; and TALES FROM THE HEART II. He has moderated the Cyber-Hacks writer’s critique and discussion group on the Internet since 1996, which he started as part of his Masters Degree in Interactive Multimedia and Information Technology for Cyberspace. Current projects include finishing CYCLES, working on an untitled space-opera farce novel, and toying with a musical comedy about the Gulf War called BOZOS FROM BAGHDAD.

Titles Available from B.D. Faw

There are souls so sinister and bleak that good fears to look within but perhaps if we venture deep enough, we will discover more than just pain. Come, journey with us through that darkness to find what lies within those Stygian Souls.

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