Anthony Harrison

Anthony Harrison was born in 1980. He lives in Carbondale, Illinois, with his wife, Megan. Writing fantasy novels is one of the chief joys of his life, and has been for years. The Savior of Samever dates its origin all the way back to a seventh grade study hall class, when the author first created the book’s hero in the form of a sketch. Since then, Anthony has striven to excel at his craft, honing his abilities with the pen while learning from the masters, like Stephen R. Lawhead, David Gemmell, and, of course, J.R.R. Tolkien.

The Savior of Samever carries on the otherworldly, medieval tradition of the fantasy genre, while introducing its own revolutionary concepts and style. The story begins on a small, simple level, but soon deepens, drawing everything to it like a black hole, gaining momentum and complexity, until it ultimately reaches epic proportions. The featured main character has no name, no home, and no memory. The reader comes to know him intimately, though he does not speak until the third part of the book. Healing from the past, resolving spiritual issues, and the sacrifice of fulfilling one’s destiny are themes threaded into the unique fabric of this tale. Harrowing plot twists and intense, graphic battle scenes will keep you up all night reading.

Anthony’s dream for the coming years is to continue the story of Samever in a multi-volume epic fantasy saga.

Titles Available from Anthony Harrison

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