Allyn Evans

Allyn Evans is founder of, a dynamic on-line community for women, and author of the newly released book:  Grab the Queen Power: Live Your Best Life!  A Competent Toastmaster, Evans speaks to national audiences about cultural influences and individual choices.  She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Mississippi and her MBA from Texas Tech University.  Published in a variety of on-line and print publications, Evans is working on her second book, Empowering Ophelia. 

Evans?   work centers on her love of writing and her desire to help other women meet the challenges of successful living.  As a young woman, Evans found she always got in the way of her own progress creating obstacles and allowing her deeply ingrained fears to stop her at every turn.  Compelled to come to grips with herself, the native Mississippian dug down into her cultural heritage to figure out what went wrong and why.  This self-study expanded to include the many women Evans interviewed for her work in the uplifting Grab the Queen Power.  The culmination of her community-building endeavor was the creation of, where many women have found the strength, both in numbers and within themselves, to succeed. 

As Evans? daughter nears pre-adolescence, her work on female empowerment zeroes in on creating empowered women by cultivating emboldened spirits in young girls and adolescents.  With plans to complete three books in 2006, Evans? days are filled writing, interviewing, and speaking that is, when she?s not playing tennis!  Evans now resides in Oklahoma with her husband and eight-year-old daughter.  

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